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Australia calls for calm after talking about a threat to “invade” the Solomon Islands


On Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for calm in the Solomon Islands, whose leader spoke of a threat to “invade” the archipelago, and condemned the archipelago’s treatment “as children. in a nursery “.

The Solomon Islands have raised concerns from its traditional ally Australia and the United States after signing a security agreement with China last month. Canberra and Washington fear that the agreement will allow Beijing to establish a military presence in the archipelago, which is two thousand kilometers from Australia.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavari told parliament on Tuesday that there was “no need to worry” about the security deal, expressing regret over the “persistent distrust” of other countries.

Sogavary spoke of the “risk of military intervention” by countries whose interests in the Solomon Islands are at risk, without naming Australia.

“In other words, we are threatened with an invasion and this is dangerous,” the prime minister said. “We are treated like children in a nursery that go in ride with Colts 45 in their hands, so they should be monitored, “he added.” We feel insulted, “he added.

“We need to be calm and moderate in addressing these issues,” Scott Morrison told Australian reporters Thursday.

He stressed that his government treats his “family” on an equal footing in the Pacific, but said he remained concerned about the “secret deals” between the Solomon Islands and China.

Sogavary explained that the signing of the agreement with Beijing took place, because the forces of pace sent from Australia and other Pacific countries proved during the unrest in the archipelago of November 2021 that they are not in able to protect the Chinese embassy and the Chinese community in the Solomon Islands.

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