Australia is testing new weapons for its ships

Naval Today announced that Australia has begun testing new weapons for some of its warships.

“The new flagship Australian Supply Army transport vessel has been fitted with 20mm CIWS (Phalanx) machine guns and the ship’s crew have tested the new weaponry,” the website said in a statement.

The press service of the Australian Navy indicated that “the completion of operations to test new weapons systems requires careful planning, and the functions and safety of these systems must be ensured.”

According to the Australian Navy, the new weapons systems will help supply ships in the fight against nearby enemy targets, protect them from guided missiles and increase the ability of these ships to be used in troop supply operations in various circumstances.

The Australian Navy currently owns the Supply and Stallwart supply ships, each 173.9m long, 23m wide and 19,500 tons displacement.

These ships can carry a crew of 122 people, move at a speed of 20 knots, cover 6,000 nautical miles in each task, and are equipped with tanks that can hold 1,450 cubic meters. meters of fresh water and 270 tons of weapons, 470 tons of food, as well as platforms for transporting helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia