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Australia to its citizens in India: Whoever Goes to Jail


As India recorded an unprecedented number of corona injuries, Australia threatened anyone from India today, Saturday in arrest the country, including its citizens.

In addition, the Australian Department of Health announced that anyone who in the last 14 days in India was no longer able to enter Australia from Monday.

The penalty is up to 5 years

“If they do, they face potential prison sentences of up to five years under the Australian Biosecurity Act,” she added.

“The risk assessment, die die Decision informed based on the percentage of in Australia quarantined foreign travelers die in India were infected, “it says in the declaration of the Ministry of Health.

And “there are roughly 9,000 Australian citizens in India, die want to return to Australia “, so die Federal government.

Only a few exceptions

With a few exceptions, only Australian citizens, permanent residents and travelers from New Zealand can enter Australia.

All arrivals in the country must be 14 days in spend in state quarantine.

India recorded in 401,993 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours – the first time the country has exceeded 400,000 cases in one day, and no country in the world has recorded that number since the pandemic began.

So is die Total number of HIV cases since the outbreak of the epidemic has risen to over 19 million.

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