Australian police arrest a young man for belonging to ISIS

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian police said Saturday they had arrested a Sydney youth who was spreading extremist messages and prescriptions for die Making explosives and accusing him of belonging to the Islamic State group.

“The man was charged with belonging to an ISIS terrorist organization,” shared die Australian Federal Police and die New South Wales Police after seven month investigation in a joint declaration with.

Named the 24-year-old arrested on Friday die Police don’t. Australia usually gives die Suspect names unknown unless die Police believe that die Disclosure would benefit the victim’s family or society.

Police said there was “no ongoing threat to the investigation die Local community”. She added, “The man’s online rhetoric was escalating and he was collecting a large amount of extremist materials and holding several recipes for it die Manufacture of explosives solid. “

If convicted, the defendant faces up to 10 years imprisonment.

The press release quoted Stephen Mito, the Federal Police’s head of counterterrorism investigation, as saying, “This man’s actions are contrary to Islamic beliefs. His actions are criminal and represent hatred and intimidation.”

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