Australian women sue Qatar over forced invasive investigations at Doha . airport

(CNN) — AN group of seven Australian women, some of who were? subjected to invasive medical examinations after authorities found An abandoned baby in Doha international airport, are planning on sue the Qatar governmenttheir lawyer confirmed on Tuesday.
The women were told to abandon their Qatar Airways plane and forced to undergo inspections without their consent and no data clear explanation, while traveling through Qatar on October 2, 2020.
The search was triggered after airport authorities a newborn baby discovered baby found packed in a plastic bag and found of in of next to a trash can in a bathroom at Hamad International Airport, the government said at the time.

After the discovery of the child, more than 18 women from 10 different flights, including 13 Australians on a plane in Sydney, were involved in the incident.

The women were taken off the aircraft by armed Qatari authorities and subjected to physical examinations in ambulances on the tarmac of the airport, reportedly to determine of she the mother of the newborn baby.

“Two of the younger one women were subjected to an incredibly invasive gynecological examination. All investigations were non-consensual,” Damian Sturzaker, a lawyer die the women with The in Sydney-based Marque Lawyers, told CNN.

A woman had her 5-month-old son baby with her and “explained that she is not the” mother of this found child, but they said to examine them and forced her to take off her underwear,” said Sturzaker.

the exams caused indignation in Australia and around the world, with the actions were compared met assault. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the incident “appalling” and “unacceptable”.

The government of Qatar has issued a statement on October 28 last year to apologize for “every suffering of infringement” on the personal freedom of any traveler” as a result of the incident.

CNN has reached out to Qatar government for comment on the lawsuit, but received no response to the out of hours request at the moment of to publish. CNN has also reaches out to Qatar Airways for comment.

The then Deputy Prime Minister and minister from Qatar of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, “expressed his deepest condolences” with the women influenced by the search at the airport and renewed the state of Qatar apologizes to them.”

Despite the outrage over the case and promises by Morrison and minister of Foreign Affairs Marise Payne for action, “nothing has been done,” said attorney Sturzaker.

After the incident, a Qatari prosecutor said an unspecified number of airport security personnel responsible for to wear out exams of female passengers were charged. An officer was given a suspended sentence according to to CNN affiliate 7 News.

But Sturzaker said there has been no publication of results of the investigation, and no communication of changes in airport procedures.

The women, between the ages of 30 and late 50 years old, have also suffered from ongoing mental health issues from the incident, including: post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, a fear of fly and some took time off work and seek psychological help, Sturzaker said.

She want an apology from the Qatari government and be meaningful dialogue with Qatar authorities so similar incidents do not happen againSturzaker said.

Sturzaker has written a letter to Qatar Airways, the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority and the Embassy of Qatar in Canberra, and including legal advice that said of the incident took place in Australia, it would amount to attack, mistreat the person of to transgress, and said: women are entitled to compensation.

The women claim unlimited compensation for emotional damage, loss of income, and medical treatment, he said, adding a suit will be filed within the next several weeks in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in Sydney,” said Sturzaker.

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