Austria announces national lockdown as Covid cases increase

Police officers check compliance with the Lockdown for the unvaccinated on November 15, 2021 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Jan Hetfleisch | Getty Images

Austria goes a fourth in national Lockdown on Monday, as Covid-19 cases continue to rise and the . turn into first country in Western Europe to impose strict measures this fall.

Being the unvaccinated of the country already barred from leaving their homes for non-essential purposes.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced at a press conference on Friday that die lockdown measures would be extended from Monday to the whole country. The lockdown would last for An maximum of 20 days, Schallenberg said, but would in be put in the first place in place for 10 days.

He also announced that Covid vaccination would become mandatory in Austria from February 1.

On Thursday, Austria recorded 15,145 new cases of Covid-19, institution new record high for daily positive tests. Hospital admissions, deaths and the number of Covid patients in being ICU also rising fast in Austria.

about 65% of Austrian population is fully vaccinated against the virus, which Schallenberg has previously described as “embarrassingly low.” The country has the second-lowest vaccination rate in Western Europe after Liechtenstein.

The Austrian news agency reported: government ministers negotiated in the begin hours of Friday is coming up with action die could be help curbing the rapidly growing Covid crisis in Austria.

Implementing a nationwide lockdown marks a major turnaround for Chancellor of Austria, who told reporters just last week that the two-thirds of the population who had accepted the immunization would not be forced to show “solidarity” with the unvaccinated.

The government’s original planned to place not vaccinated people under lockdown as soon as coronavirus patients occupy 30% of IC beds in hospitals — a move Which came inside force on Monday.

however, the move had faced some criticism for difficult to enforce, if unvaccinated people were still allowed some freedoms to go to work, do their shopping and meet certain people outside the home.

Austrian police officers are to conduct random checks this week on people over the age of 12 — to whom the current lockdown applies if they are not vaccinated — om confirm vaccine status of individuals.

While Schallenberg had previously rejected the idea of lock up all Austrians, some members of the countries coalition government Has been calling for tougher limits for the vaccinated because hospitals and ICU departments came under increasing pressure.

The government has been facing pushing back the third largest in the country party, the right-wing Freedom Party, die Friday said that “as of today Austria is a dictatorship.”

The party was openly skeptical over Covid vaccines and planned a demonstration in Vienna in the weekend against the imposed lockdown measures on the unvaccinated.

Covid misery is felt everywhere over Europe as the fourth wave of the pandemic is raging over the region, which prompted many governments to tighten restrictions on their population.

Germany and the Netherlands’ new daily case numbers have broken records on Thursday, while France reported figures die haven’t been seen since August.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Thursday that unvaccinated people in areas with high hospital admissions would be banned from certain locations. The Netherlands has introduced a partial lockdown.

Meanwhile, Belgium has working from home and inner mask use, Czech Republic is set to limit unvaccinated peoples’ movement of next week, and Slovakia is not vaccinated population from Monday in lockdown.

The euros used to be trading lower against the dollar on Friday around $1,129.

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