Austria begins national lock up for fight rising infections

VIENNA — Austria went begin Monday in a nationwide lockdown over combat rising coronavirus infections, a step closely in being watched by other European governments struggling with national outbreaks die put pressure on health care.

The measures are expected to last for An maximum of 20 days, but will be re-evaluated after 10 days. They require: people to stay home separate from basic reasons: like shopping, going to the doctor and exercising. Restaurants and most shops should close and bigger events will be cancelled. Schools and nurseries can remain open, but parents are encouraged to children home.

Austria hopes to lift the measures on Dec 13 but can keep a further closure on the unvaccinated.

“It is the last chance to feel the Christmas time and atmospheres,” said Alexandra Ljesevic.

The sisters said they feel happier than most since their job won’t happen last having the lockdown. But they are not optimistic that things will reopen as soon as authorities hope.

“It would be weird if… in 20 days they said, ‘Okay, for vaccinated people”You are free to go,” if the hospitals are still overcrowded,” said Anna Ljesevic. “That’s the only one reason why us even? need the Lockdown.”

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg also announced Friday that Austria will also enter a vaccine mandate if: of February 1. The details of how the mandate will work are not yet clear.

In an interview on Sunday in the newspaper Kurier, Schallenberg said it is “sad” that the Austrian government had to resort to a mandate in order to ensure that enough people get vaccinated. Just under 66% of 8.9 million from Austria people are fully vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in Western Europe.

On Saturday, Austria reported 15,297 new infections, after a week in whose number of daily cases reached 10,000. Hospitals, especially die in The hardest hit Regions of Salzburg and Upper Austria, are overwhelmed when the number of coronavirus patients rising in intensive care units.

Schallenberg said he and other officials had hoped this summer that new lockdown wouldn’t be necessary and it was tough decision impose one die affected are vaccinated people.

“Which people’s freedoms need To be limited again is, believe me, also difficult for to carry me,” he said.

The new measures, met in particular the vaccine mandate, are met with fierce opposition among some Austrians and vaccine skeptics. A Saturday protest in the capital of Vienna drew 40,000 people, according to police, including members of extreme right-wing parties and groups.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said on Sunday that the country’s anti-coronavirus protest scene is radicalizing.

An “extremely diverse” group of people” took part in the anti-vaccination protests, Nehammer said, according to the Austrian news agency, adding that concerned burgers but also right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis.

The lockdown is the strictest measure die Austrian officials have introduced to combat a fourth wave of infections and deaths. Earlier this month, the government first tried to pressure unvaccinated people to get the shot, excluding them from restaurants, hotels, and large events. Then officials implemented lockdown measures just for not vaccinated people.

Nehammer said on Sunday that the police carried out 150,000 checks in just one week to see of people outside of their homes complied with the new rules, according to APA.

at Christmas market Sunday on Rene Schlosser and Silvia Weidenauer, the iconic Rathausplatz square in Vienna, drank mulled wine from heart-shaped red mugs. They came for the day of their home in The Austrian Waldviertel region to catch a glimpse of the markets for everything shut down.

“You have to accept it,” said Weidenauer of the Lockdown. “There is no other” option. All you can do is hope there is in this time, when everything is closed, really a effect.”


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