Austria imposes lockdown amid Europe’s Covid peak

Belgium is highly vaccinated, at 75 percent, but one rise in has fallen caused the government to impose stricter restrictions, including: more work from home and wider mandatory mask wearing. That led to protest in Brussels on Sunday of an estimated 35,000 people near the headquarters of the European Union. Some protesters threw met stones and set fires, the police made more over 40 arrests and three officers were injured.

Alexander de Croo, de prime minister of Belgium called the violence “absolutely unacceptable”. Like Mr Rutte, he said that the Belgians were free to protest, but that “the way in die some protesters behaved had nothing to do with freedom.” He continued: “It had nothing to do with of vaccination a good thing of no, this was criminal behavior.”

In Greece, the government said on Monday die is not vaccinated people would be barred from indoor spaces, including restaurants, cinemas, museums and gyms. Vaccination Certificates for die older than 60 are valid for only seven months, with people then required to get booster shots to keep validity.

In Slovakia, the lands prime minister, Edward Heger, announced a “lockdown” for the unvaccinated” from Monday. Slovakia and the Czech Republic banned unvaccinated people from restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, public events and stores, except for for the ones die sell essential goods.

The WHO. chief for Europe, Hans Kluge, blamed the region’s misery earlier this month on insufficient vaccination despite availability of vaccines, and said the continent could see half a million more deaths in February.

“We need our tactics, of responding to peaks of Covid-19 to prevent them from happening in the first place,” he said.

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