Automakers Accused of Unfair Bargaining: Stellantis and GM Hit Back at UAW as Strike Deadline Looms

Stellantis Responds to UAW with Disappointment as Strike Deadline Arrives

Stellantis, one of the automakers accused by UAW of unfair bargaining, expressed its disappointment in a statement on Friday. The company suggested that the UAW leadership showed little interest in reaching a fair agreement as the strike deadline approached. Stellantis emphasized the importance of achieving a deal that benefits its employees, their families, and its customers.

The UAW had filed unfair labor practices charges against Stellantis and General Motors on August 31, citing their slow progress in negotiations.

GM Disappointed by UAW’s Actions Despite Offering Significant Economic Package

GM also expressed its disappointment with the UAW’s actions after workers at its plant in Wentzville, Mo., went on strike. The company stated that it had presented an unprecedented economic package to the union, including historic wage increases and manufacturing commitments. GM’s top global manufacturing executive, Gerald Johnson, mentioned in a video that the company had submitted four compelling offers to the UAW.

Ford Receives Late Counterproposal from UAW, Considers it Unsustainable

Ford revealed that it had not received a substantial counterproposal from the UAW until four hours before the strike began. The offer presented by the union at 8 p.m. on Thursday was deemed unsustainable by Ford, as it showed little movement from the union’s initial demands submitted on August 3. UAW President Shawn Fain briefly attended the bargaining table before leaving, and later announced the strike in a Facebook Live video.

Fain criticized the automakers for waiting until the last week to address their economic demands and called their statements “complete BS.” Prior to the strike, Fain had stated that if negotiations remained unresolved, the union would not meet with the automakers on Friday. Instead, he planned to visit picket lines and hold a rally with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in downtown Detroit.

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