Aviation .. the application for business class will not recover easily from Corona

TEJ MEHTA, Senior Director and Aviation Analyst at Accenture Consulting, said the demand for business class may never return to pre-Crown levels and that airlines will begin to provide more options away from the traditional scenario which includes first class, business class and economy class.

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Mehta referred to data from the International Transport Association (IATA) according to the return of global travel last July, at 85% of what it was in July 2019, explaining that the situation in countries such as America, Brazil, China and Australia have experienced a recovery, distinct locally, but the international recovery is still slow.

As for the impact of rising oil prices, Mehta said that in 2008 and 2009 when it was The price of a barrel of oil is over $ 100This has had a big impact on demand and ticket prices, and we have seen in that time a drop in demand, but today the scenario is different due to the closures that people have experienced for nearly two years. Now.

Mehta expressed his belief that business travel demand was structurally affected by the outbreak, and so we may not see a return to class demand at all. business as it was before the epidemic, at least in form in where it was, and we will see a decline in long-distance or daily flights, where meetings are held via remote video call, and companies are saving on their employees’ travel costs, and business people today can also mix leisure travel and business trips.

It was expected that airlines for business people would create a hybrid model between Premium Economy Class and Business Class, as well as provide other options away from the traditional scenario that includes first class, business class and economy class, so the boundaries between the different classes are starting to vanish and the business class will play a key factor in this transformation.

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