away from "football fever"..warning about "cousin of covid" to the World Cup!

It seems that “football fever” will not be the only one that can rage at the World Cup this year.

WHO-backed experts fear it could be “camel flu” – a more deadly relative of “Covid”.

Dozens of people have contracted Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the host country, Qatar, over the past decade. It kills up to a third of all infected.

Disease experts named MERS as one of eight potential “contagion risks” that could theoretically occur during the four-week tournament.

COVID-19 and monkeypox were identified as the two most likely threats.

Three academicians wrote in a journal New microbes and new infectionthat the World Cup is “inevitably fraught with the risk of infectious diseases”.

This applies to Qatar and neighboring countries, said Professor Patricia Schlagenhof, an epidemiologist at the WHO Collaborating Center for Traveler’s Health.

Qatar shares a border with Saudi Arabia, where MERS was first recorded ten years ago.

Experts have suggested that the diseases could also be introduced to other countries such as the UK and the US due to the sheer number of fans who traveled to Qatar to watch the tournament.

Around 5,000 fans from England and Wales are believed to be heading to the Arab country for the group stage.

This is just a small part of the 1.2 million fans who are expected to travel to Qatar for the historic tournament.

There have only been five reported cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome in Britain, the latest being a traveler from the Middle East in August 2018.

According to health officials, the infection can be passed from one person to another.

Camels are believed to be the natural host of the virus and belong to the same family as the virus that caused the Covid pandemic. For this reason, health leaders are already advising all travelers to avoid touching mammals.

The infectious disease scientists behind the latest warning said they should also avoid drinking camel milk or urine, or eating camel meat that has not been properly cooked.

Anyone returning to the UK with overt symptoms of MERS, such as a cold or flu, is asked to seek medical attention and share their travel history so that the infection can be controlled and tested.

Similar measures sparked an Ebola scare in the UK last week after a person in the UK who had been in Uganda, where the virus is circulating, developed symptoms of a cold.

There is no specific treatment for this disease, so doctors are working to alleviate the patient’s symptoms.

The other two investigators were Dr. Jaafar Al-Tawfiq, Consultant Specialist in Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Philippe Gautry of Aix-Marseille University in France.

Source: Daily Mail