“Axiom Space” for Arabic: We will begin commercial manned space flights after two months

Tejpaul Bhatia, axiom’s chief revenue officer confirmed space It is an emerging company that is building the first commercial space station. In an interview with “Al Arabiya”, the boom expected in the space sector in the next period will be similar to the boom in the Internet and technology, explaining that investments in this sector is no longer the monopoly of governments now.

He added that the company is expected to build the next International Space Station, but we describe it as the first commercial space station, and it will be linked to the current International Space Station until questlast will not go in pension and will no longer be operational.

He explained that the new station will be the first commercially in orbit, describing the great demand for this type of spaceships Current stations for venture capital Or venture that this is a major shift in the industry and the market as a whole.

He said the space sector has historically been controlled by governments, and that means an influx of funds and investments in different ways than now. Regarding investment in venture capital, they work on projects over a period of seven to ten years in order to build value for this investment as well as build returns for founders and shareholders.

It has seen the existence of a great boom in this sector with the transfer of capital to it, predicting a boom similar to the boom of the Internet and technology, and therefore “we will see in the next period what investments in the space sector entail.”

He said there are three main sectors to obtain revenue from the construction of the international trading station, the first of which is space flights.Starting next February, we will send out the first manned flight, and it will include individual tourists who have purchased tickets. for this flight that will arrive at the International Space Station to spend ten days in space We have in plan to send flights every six months.

He added that “Axiom Space” will start with a trip to the International Space Station, then it will be followed by trips to the Axiom International Station, and the astronauts will also join these trips with tourists, for countries that need to send astronauts to the International Station.

commercial space station
commercial space station

As for the second income sector for the business “Axiom Space”, will be the turn of the sector of media and advertising in space, while the third sector will be the research and production sector, to return in it the pharmaceutical sector and what it goes with manufacturing to force it into space and fabricating materials in space that we can use here on Earth or even in space.

He expected that the space infrastructure sector would be the largest investment sector in the next period, explaining that the company “Axiom Space” is one example. At the start of any technology or business, there must be companies working on the infrastructure of this industry, and this includes communications, housing or life support and of course transportation, and we are starting to see large investments. in these sectors.

He felt that the next phase will see investment in equipment e software, which will pave the way for the construction of platforms for this sector, which in turn will receive large investments.Of course, research, development and production will play an important role in this, but the infrastructure remains the first and the basis.

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