Babacan: Erdogan’s party is indebted to Turkey

The leader of the Turkish Opposition Party for Democracy and Progress and former Deputy Prime Minister stated: Ali BabacanThe ruling Justice and Development Party, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has so heavily indebted Turkey that the central bank has obligations.

“They did something that had never happened to any government,” Babacan said on Friday. “How can the body that prints money owe money? They did that too.”

He also noted that the central bank owes banks, markets and other countries a total of $ 140 billion in foreign currency and swap lines.

“You left the whole country in debt, including our unborn children,” he added.

He added, “I ask the government why it intervened illegally with the central bank. Why is it hiding the central bank’s interventions from the market?”

He stressed that “the last foreign currency intervention listed on the central bank’s website was in 2014” and stressed that “the government is responsible to the people for the billions lost by the central bank”.

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