Babacan to Erdogan: Who die Turkey costs security, has security problems!

The accusations and scandals of the fugitive Mafia boss Sedat Bakr still echo in to Turkey. Opposition parties have repeated their criticism of the ruling party, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has remained silent on allegations that several officials in his government, led by Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, in various corruption and crime cases were involved.

Ali Babacan, a former ally of Erdogan, asked in Yesterday’s statements as local media reported whether he would recognize his minister’s problem: “You won’t say and admit that die Person you have been assigned to, make sure die internal security of the country has a security problem? Will you continue your stubbornness? “.

The chairman of the Turkish Democracy and Progress Party added: “I do not understand how the President made these allegations die The burden of the above-mentioned minister. “

Day crime

In addition, Babacan condemned the attack that took place last Thursday on the headquarters of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (pro-Kurdish) in the city of Izmir and led to the death of the party employee, and said: Turkey in a country, in If murders are committed in broad daylight, you must take a stand, immediately resolute against political violence. We’ve heard your screams many times, you can do it anytime you want also pull these gangs out. “

The spokesman for the Republican People’s Party, the largest opposition party, Faik Öztrak, in turn opened Erdogan’s government for the attack die HDP responsible. “In the past three years there have been polarization and tension in our political life has increased, “he said, adding that”die Language of threat aimed at social peace “.

Babacan to Erdogan: Who die Turkey costs security, has security problems!

Mafia boss Sadat Becker (Archive – AFP)

He also saw that “die Crisis of the state worsens and die black hands have been exacerbating their actual attacks on journalists, politicians and political centers for some time ”.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish mafia leader has been broadcasting videos for months, in them die Erdogan’s government and current and former ministers are accused of involvement in a range of corruption and even terrorism crimes.

The incumbent interior minister had filed a criminal complaint against Becker with the Ankara public prosecutor’s office on May 17, accusing him of “insulting” and “defamation” after the latter in had brought charges against him on several videos.

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