Baby Yoda merch is available for pre-order from Amazon, Walmart

These are the toys you are looking for. Baby Yoda Merch is back on the digital shelves after Walmart broke an embargo for the first time on Tuesday morning. In addition to the Baby Yoda plush that we accidentally look at, there are T-shirts, cell phone cases, tote bags and of course these ubiquitous threats with bug-eyed: Funko Pop! Vinyl figures.

(Side Note: Disney insists the character’s name is The Child, but Twitter has spoken, he’s and always will be Baby Yoda, and I’ll call him just that.)

First, the bad news. Baby Yoda merchandise will not be available until next spring, except for printed materials (T-shirts, coffee cups, etc.) that are faster to make. While this is a nuisance to those of us who hope to lovingly stuff Baby Yoda into a stocking this Christmas, Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau has confirmed that toy production has been delayed to prevent spoilers from spilling. Now that the Loth cat is out of the bag, the manufacturers are probably working hard to bring these sweets to market before the internet moves on to its next obsession.

Look at him.Mattel/Lucasfilm

Look at HIIIIIMMMMM.Funko / Lucasfilm

Even though the Baby Yoda plush and Funko Pops (including a 10-inch oversized pop) will ship in Spring 2020, pre-orders are now available from Walmart, Amazon and Disney. And for those who can not wait to demonstrate their devotion to Baby Yoda, there are now a lot of goodies, mostly in the form of T-shirts.

Have you ever seen anyone so hard? Lucasfilm

A good meme made badLucasfilm

The Amazon t-shirts largely show the status of Baby Yoda as a meme icon, resulting in a mixed success. While this shirt with Baby Yoda Vibing is very good, another option misses the format “he protects, he attacks” by actually spelling out the words correctly.

Glitter optional but encourages Speck / Lucasfilm

This is art.Lucasfilm

ShopDisney’s own offerings almost exclusively use the concept graphic for Baby Yoda that Favreau shared on Twitter. It’s on T-shirts, mugs, tote bags and (my personal favorite) mobile phone cases pitched. I’m also particularly interested in this sweatshirt showing a black and white image of Baby Yoda. It looks like he’s staring straight into my soul.

Last but not least, some really good news: At the time of writing, ShopDisney’s Cyber ​​Monday sale was still active, which means you get a 30% discount on Baby Yoda shirts and other merchandise with the code CYBER. (Unfortunately this does not apply to pre-orders on the plush or Funko Pops.)

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