Backwaters – Kerala’s much-awaited CBI case based on Rahul Raju’s disappearance

Filmmaker Sunil Jain (Sunil Jain Productions), Ankit Chandiramani (Sunshine Studios) and Ashish Arjun Gayakar (AGFS) have announced a film based on the Missing Children of Kerala.

Based on the mysterious world of child trafficking and the missing children, the film’s title is Backwaters, this investigative-thriller will be directed by FTII graduate Abhinav Thakur.

The title of the film based on a missing child from Kerala is Backwaters, which takes a close look at the state of the state called God on Own Country, especially on the missing case of Rahul Raju which went missing in 2005, just seven years younger In age, and have not been able to meet till date.

Delhi theater actor Sartaj Khari will be seen playing the role of a CBI officer in the film, while UK model Nita Parayani will be seen as a fact-finding journalist who investigates the case side-by-side.

Regarding the film’s starcast, filmmaker Thakur says, “We found Sartaj suitable for the role of a CBI officer.” We are exploring all the angles of how the children went missing and how a fast CBI officer investigating the case sees every incident but is unable to do anything. Journalists have also played an important role in this case and Neeta was perfectly right for the role of a fact-finding journalist who conducts her own investigations and investigations into missing children cases ”!

For his role, Actor Sartaj has met a lot of CBI top officers to understand his way of working and the tricks to solve the case. The same Nita also met the journalists who had investigated the matter.

“The place where Rahul went missing, the marshy park is still closed to the public. There are a lot of questions from the parents of that child, to which no answers have been found till date. ”Jain and Gayakar said while explaining the film’s point of view!

Co-producer of the film S Ramachandran told that the film will start in the end of this year and the film will be shot on the real-locations of Alappuzha, the backwaters of Kerala.

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