Bad news for “Netflix” subscribers . Beware of sharing your password!

After years of amnesties, it appears that the US platform Netflix will begin to punish scammers who share passwords with others to save money.

The popular platform announced Wednesday that it will conduct experiments in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru to charge its subscribers for dues if they provide their passwords to users outside the home.

As part of the trial, participants must pay an additional amount on top of the monthly subscription fee (approximately three dollars in Chile, $ 2.99 in Costa Rica and about $ 2.12 in Peru) to be able to add up to two additional accounts to your profile, according to i media Americans.

kind of confusing

“We have always made it easy for people living together to share their Netflix accounts with features such as separate profiles or the ability to sync viewing” with more than one person. in a family, said Shengyi Long, director of product innovation at Netflix, in a press release. Regarding some types of premium subscriptions.

“While these features are very popular, they also create a bit of confusion” about when sharing a Netflix subscription, he added.

US Netflix platform – Reuters

Invest in TV series

He also explained that the sharing of accounts between users in different houses affects the platform’s ability to “invest in high-quality series and films “for the benefit of its subscribers.

It is reported that the global platform last year tested a way to restrict password sharing by sending a warning message to some subscribers to verify that the user lives in the same place as the account owner.

It looks like Netflix is ​​going to get tough in this sector due to the slowdown in its growth, after having been lenient for a long time in this sector.

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