Badia again ISIS mines target die Forces of the regime in Syria

The Syrian region of Badia has returned to the scene of the worst attacks since last May, in which 15 members of the Syrian regime forces and those loyal to them were killed and wounded.

In violent clashes in In the Rusafa desert on the land of Raqqa between the regime forces and their loyal militias on the one hand and the IS on the other, 5 members of the regime and loyal militiamen were killed and 8 others injured, so die Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Field Commander killed

This happened hours after the observatory die Killing of a field commander of the regime-friendly “Al-Quds Brigade” and three other members, die accompanied him through die Explosion from IS in the landmine left behind by the Palmyra desert in the eastern countryside of Homs.

Recently returned die Badia in die foremost front of the field scene back, especially after the re-emergence of the organizational features in the region, and die military operations became more active there.

The area also witnessed Russian air strikes in mid-April die Distribution areas of the IS, die die Sukhna desert, die Administrative borders between Homs and Deir ez-Zor and other areas in the Aleppo-Hama-Raqqa triangle.

Seven members of the regime and loyalist forces were killed and 18 more were killed in Wounded 10 mines, die the IS had created last May.

Euphrates in Syria (Reuters)

Euphrates in Syria (Reuters)

Flash operation

What is remarkable is that die Organization since the announcement of the abolition of its caliphate about two years ago and the loss of all control in die Desert has retreated between the Governorates of Homs and Deir ez-Zor on the border with Iraq, where its fighters are in holed up in mountainous areas.

In addition, last April IS carried out kidnappings of civilians from the desert, die coincided with clashes with regime forces in the eastern hinterland of Hama, in which die Organization kidnapped 8 police officers and 11 civilians, die in collected “truffles” in a nearby area.

The observatory has been documenting since March 2019 die Killing of more than 1,400 members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them as well as more than 930 IS fighters during attacks and fighting in the desert.

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