Bahrain thwarted two terrorist operations to blow up automatic banks

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain announced that two terrorist operations had been thwarted, aimed at detonating two ATM machines belonging to a national bank in the regions of Al-Naim and Jidhafs in the capital, Manama.

In addition, the Bahraini Interior Ministry added that the security services were able to defuse the explosives from dealing with two explosive devices, which were placed at the two locations at different times on the morning of Wednesday, February 3, 2021, in implementation of a terrorist purpose.

“After securing the two sites, and after the crime scene, forensic laboratory and other competent authorities conducted inspection and raising the material evidence, search and investigation work was carried out, which resulted in the arrest of a number of suspects in the two incidents, while search and investigation work is still ongoing,” she explained.

The statement of the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain indicated that “the preliminary investigations indicate that the two operations were carried out through the distribution of roles among the aforementioned after preparation for them, according to agreement, planning and implementation among a number of them.”

For its part, the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Evidence has taken the prescribed legal measures to refer the arrested persons to the Public Prosecution.