Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 1.005.006 – Patch Notes on January 10, 2024

A new update for Baldur’s Gate 3, known as Update 1.005.006, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 1.005.006: Detailed Patch Notes and Game Updates


  • Cross-Save Functionality for Modded Saves: The cross-save functionality will no longer sync modded saves, as these saves cannot be accessed by console players. This fix ensures that compatibility is maintained between different platforms.
  • Categorized Waypoints List: Added categories to the Waypoints list, grouping Waypoints by location. This makes it easier for players to navigate and find specific Waypoints within the game world.
  • Quest-Related Item Accessibility: Players can now access certain quest-related items on the spot, even if they are currently in the camp chest or in the inventory of a companion who is waiting at camp. This improvement eliminates the need for players to constantly retrieve items from different storage locations.
  • Additional Epilogue Content: Added a couple of additional scenes to the Epilogue, providing players with more content and closure to their journey in the game.
  • Karlach’s Scene Availability: Karlach will now get her scene in the game regardless of whether she is an avatar or a companion. This ensures that all players, regardless of their character choices, can experience Karlach’s scene.
  • Improved Wyll’s Behavior: Wyll will now correctly follow Karlach in the game, ensuring that companion behavior is consistent and logical.
  • Companion Hide Helmet Option Fix: Fixed the issue where the Hide Helmet option for companions would reset after saving and loading. This fix ensures that the chosen helmet visibility preference for companions remains consistent.
  • Texture and Visual Bug Fixes: Fixed several issues with low resolution textures appearing after extended playtimes. Additionally, fixed a visual bug where certain doors would briefly reappear when destroyed. These fixes enhance the overall visual experience and eliminate distracting graphical issues.
  • Gale’s Dialogue Fix: Fixed Gale’s dialogue ending abruptly when asking him for a kiss. This fix ensures that players can fully enjoy the romantic moment with Gale without any issues.


  • Quickloading Crash Fix: Fixed a potential crash related to quickloading, ensuring that players can load their saved games without any issues.
  • Region Loading Crash Fix: Fixed a crash that would occur when unloading and then loading a region. This fix improves the stability of the game and prevents crashes during gameplay transitions.
  • VSync Crash Fix: Fixed a crash that would occur when changing VSync settings. This ensures that players can adjust their graphics settings without experiencing crashes.
  • Spiderweb Destruction Crash Fix: Fixed a crash that would occur when destroying the spiderweb under the Spider Matriarch. This fix ensures that players can progress through the game without encountering crashes during specific gameplay moments.
  • Game Save Crash Fix: Fixed the potential cause of not being able to save the game (Error 701) and crashing the game. This fix ensures that players can save their progress without any issues.
  • Pop-Up Message Crash Fix: Fixed a crash that could happen when showing a pop-up message after lockpicking an item. This improves the stability of the game and prevents crashes during specific interactions.
  • Turn-Based Mode Crash Fix: Fixed an issue that was causing certain actions to bypass Turn-Based Mode and deploy in real-time, which could result in a crash. This fix prevents cheating and ensures that players can play the game within the intended mechanics without crashing.
  • Condition-Based Aura Crash Fix: Fixed a crash that would occur when removing condition-based auras from modded savegames. This fix ensures compatibility and stability when modifying savegame conditions.
  • Party Gold Trade Crash Fix: Fixed a possible crash when getting the available party gold during a trade. This improves the stability of the game during trading interactions.
  • Rare Savegame Loading Fix: Fixed some issues that could prevent savegames made under rare conditions from loading up. This fix ensures that players can load their savegames without any issues, regardless of the specific conditions under which they were created.


  • Spectral Form Passive Visibility Fix: The Spectral Form passive is no longer hidden. This fix ensures that players can see and access the Spectral Form passive and its effects during combat.
  • Balthazar’s Spectral Form Trigger Fix: Fixed Balthazar’s Spectral Form not triggering when he succeeded in a Saving Throw but still got damaged. This fix ensures that Balthazar’s Spectral Form ability functions correctly according to its intended mechanics.
  • Auntie Ethel’s Weird Magic Surge Fix: Fixed Auntie Ethel not using Weird Magic Surge when struck by the Repelling Blast ability in Honour Mode. This fix ensures that Auntie Ethel’s behavior aligns with her intended abilities and mechanics.
  • Scrying Eyes Damage Mitigation Fix: Fixed the scrying eyes’ damage mitigation mechanic in Tactician Mode not working the first time they are damaged. This fix improves the balance and effectiveness of the scrying eyes’ mechanics in combat.
  • Necrotic Aura Transformation Fix: In Tactician difficulty, the necrotic aura of now transforms into a unique mist form that threatens his foes. This fix enhances the visual and gameplay experience, adding a unique aspect to the character in Tactician difficulty.
  • Ability Drain Limit Fix: Ability Drain will not be able to reduce a target’s ability below 1. This fix ensures that the Ability Drain ability does not result in an invalid game state by reducing abilities to negative values.
  • Legendary Resistance Improvement Fix: Improved the way Legendary Resistance works, now only triggering when it is actually useful. This fix ensures that the Legendary Resistance ability functions more effectively and aligns with its intended purposes.


  • Astarion’s Availability Fix: Fixed Astarion not being available through the companion menu at camp if you sent him directly to camp during the recruitment dialogue. This fix ensures that players can access Astarion as a companion through the appropriate game menus.
  • Honour Mode Eggbearer Condition Fix: In Honour Mode, the Eggbearer condition is now also applied when is dead but is alive. This fix ensures that the Eggbearer condition is properly applied in Honour Mode, even when the necessary characters are in different states.
  • Smite Spell Damage Trigger Fix: Fixed an issue in Honour Mode where the damage from Smite spells wouldn’t trigger items that activate when damaged. This fix ensures that the damage triggered by Smite spells correctly interacts with applicable items in Honour Mode.
  • Grukkoh the Bugbear Dialogue Fix: Players can no longer trade with Grukkoh the bugbear via the dialogue button before catching his attention. This fix ensures that players can interact with Grukkoh in the intended sequence of events.
  • Spellcasting Ability Modifier Fix: Using a weapon that uses your Spellcasting Ability Modifier instead of the normal Ability Modifier will now choose the Spellcasting Ability with the highest value. This fix ensures that the appropriate Spellcasting Ability Modifier is used in weapon calculations, improving the accuracy of combat mechanics.
  • Group Hide Ability Fix: Fixed Group Hide not working properly when a party character is Downed. This fix ensures that the Group Hide ability functions correctly in all situations, providing consistent gameplay mechanics.
  • Myrmidons Weapon Loot Fix: Myrmidons’ weapons cannot be looted from their bodies after a Long Rest anymore. This fix prevents players from obtaining Myrmidons’ weapons through unintended gameplay exploits.
  • Persistent Conditions Fix: Fixed the Elemental Weapon, Magic Weapon, Heat Metal, and Daylight conditions persisting on the weapon after a Long Rest. This fix ensures that weapon conditions are properly reset after a Long Rest, preventing unintended effects.
  • Multiple Avatar Issue Fix: Fixed an issue that would affect some players controlling more than one avatar, which caused several naked characters to appear over them after the first Dream Visitor dream. This fix ensures that players do not encounter graphical issues or incorrect character appearances when controlling multiple avatars in the game.
  • Multiplayer Reconnection Issue Fix: Fixed an issue where reconnecting to a multiplayer session would assign a player an avatar in Withers’ Wardrobe without taking said avatar out of the wardrobe. This fix prevents players from becoming stuck or encountering issues when rejoining a multiplayer session.
  • Inventory Transfer Freeze Fix: Stealing a large number of items in one go no longer results in the game becoming unresponsive for an extended period. This fix reduces freeze times and ensures smoother gameplay during inventory transfers.
  • NPC Detection Fix: NPCs on the floor below the player can no longer ‘see’ the player looting corpses above. This fix ensures that NPCs have appropriate visibility and detection mechanics, preventing unrealistic behavior.
  • Stolen Item Return Fix: When handing back stackable stolen items (such as healing potions), players will no longer lose all of them, but only the number stolen. This fix ensures that stolen items are correctly returned without any unexpected losses.


  • Act III Progression Fix: Fixed an issue preventing some players from advancing into Act III, looping them back to Act II. This fix ensures that players can progress through the game’s story without encountering progression-blocking issues.
  • Barcus Wroot Appearance Fix: Barcus Wroot should now show up correctly if players have saved him from his previous predicaments. This fix ensures that Barcus Wroot’s appearance reflects the player’s past actions and choices.
  • Avatar Karlach Romance Scene Fix: Fixed avatar Karlach being able to initiate the first romance scene with Lae’zel after proving her worth to Lae’zel, which should not be possible for her due to her engine still not being upgraded. This fix ensures that romance scenes follow logical and consistent requirements based on character capabilities.
  • Lae’zel Romance Trigger Fix: Tweaked the trigger conditions for Lae’zel’s initial romance dialogue after proving your worth to her so that it only triggers if the player controlling her has a single avatar. This fix prevents unintended romance triggers and ensures that the player’s controls are aligned with romance dialogue.
  • Alfira and Nadira Dialogue Options Fix: Fixed some wrong character behaviors likely introduced in Patch 4 that prevented certain dialogue options with Alfira and

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