Bandar Al-Khorayef: The Saudi industry is moving to rely on technology and innovation

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef, confirmed today Monday that the direction of the industrial sector in the Kingdom depends on adopting technology and innovation and providing opportunities for quality work to the citizens of this country’s sons and daughters, underlining that the launch of the NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon” represents a quantum leap for the Kingdom’s industrial sector in the transition to clean energy in agreement with the objectives of the Green Saudi and Green Middle East initiatives.

During his speech at the Global Summit for Industry and Industrialization (GMIS), held in the UAE, the minister said Saudi Arabia has demonstrated a high capacity and efficiency in addressing the Corona pandemic, starting with providing human health and safety, business continuity, and support the economy. It aspires to provide a vibrant society, thriving economy, and ambitious nation.

He explained that what has been done since the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in terms of regulations, legislation and investment in communication infrastructure was an important reason to overcome the pandemic, indicating that the availability of infrastructure and investment in it is an important issue to ensure address growth, respond to change and adopt automation and new models business based on Modern technology and applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to the Saudi news agency “SPA”.

The minister stressed that the development of human capacities is the only guarantee for the sustainability and growth of enterprises to meet the needs of societies in the long term, as well as the need to reconsider the aspects of education, rehabilitation and training for ensure a response to the needs of the business future, by adopting a culture that stimulates creativity and innovation, and by embracing skills and abilities that guarantee lasting abilities Adapting and building models of business that ensure sustainability and growth.

The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources stressed that the Kingdom has great ambitions in the development of the industrial sector, in based on its importance in the Kingdom Vision 2030 in terms of an important role in diversifying the economic base and providing investment and job opportunities for the country’s sons and daughters, indicating that the Kingdom’s industrial system aims to help industrial investors carry out their jobs, achieve their goals, and obtain promising opportunities for growth and development, not only by meeting local needs, but also by working to increase exports in so that the Kingdom becomes a global logistic platform.

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