Home Sports Banned from Paris Saint-Germain against Monaco due to the flu

Banned from Paris Saint-Germain against Monaco due to the flu

BERLIN: Argentine star Lionel Messi was left out of Paris Saint-Germain’s squad for Sunday’s match with Monaco in the French football league due to illness, so much so that his career with the French capital’s team has witnessed to a new stop. The Argentine star missed the team’s training today, Saturday, due to a flu infection, to confirm that Paris Saint-Germain has deleted the player from their accounts for the next game. Paris Saint-Germain enters in field in leads the competition’s standings, 15 points behind his closest rival, Marseille, who are in second place, meaning Messi still has a chance to win a title in his first season in the club Parisian. However, the former Barcelona captain, who scored 672 goals for the Catalan giant, suffered from his inability to have the desired impact in the club of the French capital. So far, Messi has only scored two goals in the 18 games he has participated in in the French league, although he has provided ten assists and hit the crossbar in the tournament, while injuries and illness have hindered Messi’s integration into the squad, and the French squad. currently hopes his absence will be brief. . Without Messi, Paris Saint-Germain have a dangerous attack, with the presence of Kylian Mbappé, who started his career in Monaco, where he scored nine goals against his former team. in eight games, while Dijon is the team that has scored the most players in his network, scoring 11 goals. (Exhibition DBA / Statistics)


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