Banned: Vietnam Blocks Warner Bros’ ‘Barbie’ Movie Due to South China Sea Map Controversy

Warner Bros’ “Barbie” Movie Banned in Vietnam

According to Vietnam’s state media, Warner Bros’ “Barbie” movie has been banned in the country due to a controversial map featured in the film.

Map Controversy

The American live-action movie includes a scene with a map displaying the “nine-dash line,” which is China’s claim to parts of the South China Sea. However, Vietnam and several other nations dispute these claims.

International Tribunal and Rejection of Claims

The territorial dispute was taken to an international tribunal in The Hague in 2016. The tribunal rejected China’s claims to the majority of the South China Sea, but China did not accept the judgement. The South China Sea is a critical trade route in Southeast Asia.

Ban and Impact on Release

The ban on “Barbie” in Vietnam has caused movie theaters to remove the film from their upcoming showings. The head of the Vietnam Cinema Department, Vi Kien Thanh, confirmed the ban to state newspaper Tuổi Trẻ. However, AsumeTech could not independently verify the report.

Past Bans

This is not the first time a movie has been banned in Vietnam for featuring the “nine-dash line.” The 2022 film “Uncharted,” starring Tom Holland, and the 2019 DreamWorks film “Abominable” also faced bans for the same reason.

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