Banque du Liban extends the deadline for withdrawing deposits in dollars

The Central Bank of Lebanon said in a statement, today, Thursday, that it has decided to extend the deadline Withdrawal from deposits in dollars to January 31st

On December 16, the bank said it would provide banks with US dollars through the exchange. in so that the banks could disburse amounts in dollars to depositors instead of exchanging them in Lebanese pounds.

Last June, the Central Bank of Lebanon announced that depositors of existing account holders in October 2019 will be able to receive $ 400 per month, plus the equivalent in Lebanese pounds.

In the past, Lebanese banks have often prevented depositors from withdrawing from their accounts in dollars, as well as to transfer abroad.

According to a Central Bank circular issued last year, depositors were allowed to withdraw in local currency from your accounts in dollars at a fixed exchange rate of 3900 pounds per dollar.

This represents about a third of the value of a dollar on the black market, but it was the only way for many Lebanese to get their money.

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