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Barcelona and Real Madrid announce boycott of Spanish League meeting in Dubai

London: Barcelona and Real Madrid have announced that they will not participate in the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Spanish Football League (La Liga), which will be held in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, the meeting convened to discuss changes to the competition regulations. And the British news agency (BA Media) said i club Spaniards were informed on November 25 of the emergency meeting in the Emirates to take in consider some changes to the statute of the competition rules. Despite this, the two club announced today, Wednesday, that they would not attend or send any representatives to the meeting, while Real Madrid have described this move as illegal. The tense climate continues to impose itself in one moment in which discussions continue on the European Super League, supported by Real Madrid and Barcelona as well as by the Italian Juventus, with proposals to relaunch the idea in different way. In addition to criticizing the headquarters of the General Assembly, Barcelona stressed that any change to the “Liga” regulations must be preceded by a more complete coordination, discussion and analysis of this procedure, with the need for an element of participation to reach the best consensus, indicating that it is worth it. And the club The Catalan added in his statement: “Barcelona’s position has always been to stick to reaching agreements after having studied the matter in coherent manner and respecting all opinions”. And he continued: “For this reason we do not believe that it is the right time to travel to Dubai to attend an event that could take place at the headquarters of the Spanish League, and we reiterate once again our opposition to any form of action that we consider harmful to the rights and interests of Barcelona”. For its part, Real Madrid said: “We believe that the invitation to this meeting is illegal, because the club will make a journey of more than 5,000 kilometers from the La Liga headquarters.” He added: “There is no justification for these issues to be addressed in so hasty way without a careful studio of the issues and a serene analysis of the related amendments”. And he concluded: “Real Madrid will not send any representative to Dubai for the aforementioned reasons, and expresses its regret, once again, for the irresponsible actions of the president of the association , which will have an unjustified economic cost and will damage the image and reputation of Spanish football”. (dpa)


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