Barcelona offers their bad apple to Bayern Munich

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Despite bitter verbal battles between Barcelona president Joan Laporta and Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann, some Spanish media sources have indicated the possibility of a surprise beyond expectations in the coming days, with a joint economic cooperation between them, Under this, the rotten Grana Azzurro will go in loan to the Allianz Arena for one year. According to the well-known newspaper “AS”, the officials and decision-makers of the “Camp Nou” are inclined to the idea of ​​sending the Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong to the Bavarian leader, to hit the club Catalan two birds with one stone, from which he gets rid of a headache by delaying the registration of the new business Rafinia, Robert Lewandowski and Jules Conde, from which also it will be a valuable opportunity for the possibility of an increase in its market value, after the end of the loan period. The report stated that the idea for the chief lawyer lies in the need to remove his annual salary, which is estimated in around four million euros – excluding taxes – after all attempts to convince him to reduce his salary have failed, to help the administration get out of the impasse of new player registration, due to wage margins and Fair restrictions play financial, as well as his objection to the idea of ​​going to Manchester United, for his accession to the move to one of the big participants in the Champions League, which in one way or another made Bayern Munich appear on the scene, as a good option, to get rid of the problem of the new blood, before it is too late. The newspaper noted that Manchester United did everything to free the Dutch outcast from the “Camp Nou”, even the Catalan administration was ready to pass the routine procedures in time. recordbut in the end the deal failed due to the player’s position, which pushed the club English to draw attention to an alternative. Another, Valencia player Carlos Soler, and consequently Barca have begun to look for other solutions outside the box, such as exploiting Bayern Munich’s sympathy for the Dutch 20-year-olds, as happened with Philippe Coutinho in the summer of 2019, and in circumstances similar to the current situation, where the main goal was to take in loan the Brazilian midfielder, is to reduce the budget salary and make room for new agreements, just as the second placed La Liga wants now. Barcelona had included Ajax Amsterdam’s Frenkie de Jong at the 2019 Market, after a fierce battle with Paris Saint-Germain, which ended with Barca winning the deal for a transfer fee that broke the 75 million barrier euros, but did not show up with the blue Grana on three seasons in the same version The brilliance it had in Lowlands League, which led to him leaving the manager’s accounts in preparatory phase, as is evident by relying on him at the center of the defense, in what some see as a clear message, to force the player to leave as soon as possible, because the master does not need his services, especially after the inclusion of the Ivorian elephant Frank Kessie, together with the future protagonists Pedri, Gavi, Al-Qudum Sergio Busquets and the rest. Away from de Jong’s potential deal, there is a war of words no less hot than the wave of time in these days, between the Bayern coach and the Barca president and coach, to challenge the thirteenth German to the tyranny of club Catalan in the current summer market, which has reached the limit of spending over € 150 million to buy its new offers, as well as the free offers from Casey and Christensen, which the former Leipzig coach Laird Laporta called crazy, waving the millions that went into Bayern Munich’s bank accounts from the proceeds from the sale of Robert Lewandowski.