Barcelona president concludes plan to “expel” Koeman!

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Press sources of good credibility have reported that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has actually set a date to get rid of Dutch manager Ronald Koeman, not only because of the tension between them, against the backdrop of the recent war of words, but also to save a season.The team, after signs of deterioration, appeared in the first real contact with Bayern Munich in opening of the Champions League groups. And the Catalan colossus bowed with a humiliating triple in front of the great Bavarian, in a match that recalled what happened in Lisbon in the quarter-finals of the penultimate version, when Barça fell in front of Lionel Messi with eight goals to two, in what is called the “scandal of the century”, and if it were not for the exaggeration of the German team: in the spectacle and frivolity in front of the goalkeeper Ter Stegen, the evening of the “Camp Nou” ended with a new catastrophic result . And most Catalan newspapers confirmed that the president, the lawyer, did not leave the stadium after the Bayern trio, but held an emergency meeting with his teammates. in decision-making room, to find out the reasons that led to the appearance of the team in this version frustrating for the fans, and especially to discuss the manager’s future, if the current situation continues as it is for a while, but without revealing precise details on what Laporta intends to do, to fix things. In a report entitled “Koman in the Wind “,” Goal “was the only one to describe the plan that Laporta and his deputy council established, that is the last deadline for the team’s manager, that is to renew trust until the end of his contract extended to the last official engagement in this season, or at least until the end of the year. , or expulsion from his post within a few days, and this will depend on his results in what the source described as “the three endings”, which determine his future with the club. Koeman should support the former test Monday evening, where Laporta will monitor how much individual and collective performance has improved or not, without focusing on the result, to convince everyone that the team is not qualified to seriously compete for the current titles, but on the other hand it is considered a rare opportunity of player growth. Young people, in addition to getting rid of Koeman’s plans, which are not in in line with the style and reputation of Blue Grana, in as an exemplary team in elegance and football charm, according to the same report. In conclusion, the British site confirmed that if the performances in the second and third tests had not improved, and with reference to the Cadiz and Levante matches, in program next Thursday and Sunday 26 September, Laporta would not hesitate to expel Koeman, due to the president’s dissatisfaction with the way in which it was. The team plays with it, believing they don’t have the courage or ideas offensive, which express the identity of the club. Koeman had gone wild in his recent appearance on media, deliberately intensifying his dispute with Laporta, with little diplomatic statements, during which he criticized the method and style of management of the club of the president, especially in the part in to whom he constantly spoke of the crises and problems of Barça in public, in contrast to his bragging and self-assessment, that the owner The merit of the constancy of the Barcelona project so far, which has paved the way for newspapers and sports sites to speculate on his future at the “Camp Nou” castle, after the heavy defeat and frustrating performance against Bayern Munich.

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