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Barcelona select 3 School League players for a “professional experience”


The School League project management received a request from the Barcelona Club to lead prove on the pitch for a month for elite school league players, Abdul Razzaq Awaji, Bahian Al Qahtani and Faisal Abdul Razzaq, after their notable technical presence with their fellow players in the preparatory camp that was held recently for the team of elite school league players in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

Players Abdul Razzaq Awaji, Bahian Al-Qahtani and Faisal Abdul-Razzaq will join Barcelona later this month., Which hails from the Medina Department of Education.

The preparatory camp for the team of players of the elite school league, which was held in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​saw the presence and the following of scouts from different club Spaniards, including FC Barcelona. The team played friendly experiences with Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and CEEL Catllar (under 17). The elite team of school league players, Spaniard Iago Agaler, stated that “the players have talent and high physical abilities and they demonstrated it during the two stages of the preparatory field and presented offers that confirmed their competence “, adding:” The choice of FC Barcelona with a technical vision of the football talents of the trio Abdel Razzaq Awaji and Bahian Al -Qahtani and Faisal Abdul-Razzaq, confirm that the school league team is full of talented players, and I wish them all success and that we see them in various club in Saudi Arabia e in Europe, above all because the Saudi player deserves it because he has talent, ability and ability to develop, and he deserves a first professionalism outside his country.

It is noteworthy that the Scholastic League is one of the projects of the Ministry of Sport, which it implements in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, launched in 2019 at the Kingdom level, and deals with footballers in public education schools, through their participation in an annual championship held according to administrative and technical organizational foundations, to prepare a new generation with competence Alia for Saudi football.

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