“Barefoot” .. Turkey arrests an MP from his house, his son is suspended

In the past few hours took die Criticism among a number of Turkish citizens after die Turkish police arrested a deputy pro-Kurd whose membership in parliament was revoked and sentenced to prison, as his son had announced.

Salih Gargirlioglu, son of Umar Faruk Garrlioglu, a representative of the People’s Democratic Party, wrote on Friday evening in a tweet on his Twitter account: “They came to arrest my father” and added: “They did not even allow him to wear his shoes beforehand to take him.”

He refused, die Vocation to consider

This happened after the Constitutional Court in Turkey had previously refused to appeal against Gargirlioglu die Decision to stop his prosecution based on a judgment passed against him in connection with a post in check social media in which was confirmed to be in this area is not responsible. according to the official Anatolia news agency.

On March 23, the MP of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), who speaks out against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and announced die Supported Kurds, announced that he would appeal to the Supreme Constitutional Court die I made a decision earlier to cancel his membership, which lasted about a week.

After the constitutional decision and against this background he expressed his intention to refer the case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, as he wrote on Twitter.

The decision to terminate his membership came after the MP, considered one of the most vocal defenders of human rights, was convicted of spreading “terrorist propaganda” and confirmed a two and a half year prison sentence after publishing an article in social media in 2016 before his election, an article in the die Kurds die urged Turkish government to take a step. On the way to peace, to end the long conflict between the two parties.

Violent human rights defenders

The above MP often points out human rights violations in the country, such as die physical searches of prisoners and the disappearance of people since the failed coup against Erdogan in 2016.

After Gargurlioglu resigned from parliament, he refused to leave and sat in the building for days until he was arrested shortly before his release.

It is reported that die People’s Party die second largest opposition party in Turkey is at risk of being banned as a prosecutor has asked the Supreme Court to disband it.

What Erdogan as a political front for die PKK denies die Political party.

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