Basketball hawks shine in front of Jordan

The Saudi national basketball team defeated their Jordanian counterpart 72-64 today, Monday, at King Abdullah City Hall (Al-Jawhara), in the second leg of World Cup qualifiers.

The Jordanian team had closed the first period in his favor, with the score of (24-20), and continued their superiority in the second period with the score of (39-31).

The third period saw the return in game of Al-Akhdar and managed to adjust the score (52-52), but the fourth period saw the superiority of Al-Akhdar and closed the game in his favor.

The Saudi team had lost the first leg against the Jordanian team (68-61), Friday night at Prince Hamzah Hall.

It is worth noting that the Saudi national team has been included in Group C, which includes Jordan, Lebanon and Indonesia.

The qualifiers are played in a home system e in away and 3 teams from each group qualify for the second round of qualifiers, which includes two groups of 6 teams each (in home and in away).

He qualifies for the first, second and third World Cups from every group in addition to the hosts (Japan and Philippines).

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