Batman explains why he doesn’t kill the Joker and is wrong

ATTENTION: the following contains spoilers for Batman / Catwoman # 6, available now from DC Comics

Batmankilling’s infamous no rule it is always referred to as something to strive for for, something that clearly elevates him above his peers. Batman believes he is the one trait that separates him from the other criminals and vigilantes who roam Gotham City. While Batman is dueling with Phantasm on the rooftops of Gotham in Batman / Catwoman # 6 by Tom King, Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles, is forced to contest his position on allowing Joker to live. However, your explanation appears to be based on Imperfect logic, and it seems like Phantasm hit a little clear holes in his infamous granite moral compass.

The ghost is on a mission to avenge her son, who was assassinated by the Joker. But to get to Joker, he has to go through Batman, who it’s still against killing the joker. Phantasm tells Batman that she won’t wear Joker’s death on his conscience and will permanently remove the Joker chaos from Gotham. When Batman refuses, Phantasm asks him why he’s okay for soldiers in the military or police officers for kill in the name of protect the innocent. like him says, Batman believes they must kill because of “necessary limitations”, but Batman says he is free of these limitations and therefore has no right to end any life.

Despite the superhuman amount of resources available to the Dar Knight, this attitude speaks of a fundamental arrogance in the dark Knight, one who does not take his humanity in consideration.

Phantasm defines the infantile Batman position and makes one wonder how a man who stands by the side of the gods can not even set apart from his ego to do something real good in the city. Even though she is clearly there villain here, Phantasm is right. She is a widow who lost it son at worst criminal in of Gotham history. Batman could have ended the Joker reign of terror countless times and he could have saved her son in the process. However, he did not.

AND clear that Batman’s “necessary limitations” argument is flawed because Batman is a mortal human, which is as limiting as it becomes in his line of work. This point has been emphasized in precedence in the series when we see Bruce Wayne dying of cancer. Batman believes not kill because it is unlimited, but clearly it is not. If it were unlimited, it could make exceptions for the sound-kill rule, which is a limit that Batman has clearly defined for himself.

This is not the first time the mercy of Batman for the Joker has been questioned or challenged. Even some of his most trusted confidants like Little Red Riding Hood and Catwoman could never have convinced him to take a life. Even when the Joker kidnapped and tortured Jason Todd, something that almost . made Batman put up the cloak and hood for good, it wouldn’t have ended the Joker’s life anyway. Even after Bane killed Alfred with his bare hands, he still held firm on its famous rule. There’s a good argument to be made that if he could save Alfred’s life and Jason’s soul if he ended lives of their respective killers.

Batman is convinced that if . kills the Joker will sink to his level and become something like he. Joker often echoes this sentiment as he torments Batman about their many similarities. If Batman truly believed he was as unlimited as he is says he is, he wouldn’t be so scared of get lost so easily. Batman looks like like is gathering ideas to justify his no-killing rule. Phantasm implies that Batman has failed to save lives for nothing more than protecting her ego and her pride, and she isn’t wrong in the minimum.

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