‘Battle Of Nordvik’ Event Details In Battlefield 2042 is Leaked

In another session of digging deep into the game, Battlefield data miner ‘Temporyal’ has revealed more information about the upcoming mid-season event for Battlefield 2042. On Twitter, Temporyal published details regarding the ‘Battle of Nordvik’ event, bringing a host of new skins, events, limited-time game modes, and fresh cosmetics.

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It’s not a super expansive event, as, over three weeks, there are just nine rewards to unlock at a rate of three per week. However, the limited-time modes being drafted into the game promise to mix things up for a while, breathing life into the new faction, the Nordvik Control Corps.

Nordvik, Not Narvik

There’s a little confusion that could potentially surface regarding the naming conventions here. The new thing for Season Three of Battlefield 2042 is the ‘Battle of Nordvik.’ In Battlefield V, there was a map named Narvik – it’s similar, but it’s not the same thing.

We just thought we’d clear that up.

On Twitter, Temporyal shared a graphic that broke down the limited-time game modes that are being introduced alongside Battlefield 2042’s mid-season event, Battle of Nordvik:

Week One: Conquest Assault

Conquest Assault returns, pitting Russian forces against the Nordvik Control Crops attempting to secure the Spearhead region.

Week Two: Retribution

Nordvik Control Corps seeks revenge against the Russian oppressors in an all-new game mode that fuses Breakthrough and Rush.

Week Three: Breakthrough Chaos

In the final week of the Battle of Nordvik, US forces backed up the PMCs, fighting back against Russian forces and the Black Storm regiment to liberate Nordvik.

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Temporyal confirmed that rewards could be unlocked over the three weeks by earning ribbons in the game but stressed that this information is based solely on data mining efforts. As such, it cannot be classed as guaranteed that it’ll make it into the update that should arrive on December 22nd, according to Insider Gaming sources.

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