Battlefield 2042 Update 1.54: General Improvements

A new update for Battlefield 2042, known as Update 1.54, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

General Improvements

  • The Battlefield 2042 team continues to listen to player feedback and enhance the gameplay experience. In this latest update, we’ve addressed several issues to ensure smoother and more enjoyable gameplay. The detailed changes are as follows:

Out-of-Bounds Fix on Redacted

  • An issue allowing players using Mackay to venture out of bounds on the Redacted map has been resolved. This fix ensures that players remain within the intended play area, enhancing the balance and fairness of gameplay.

Jet Spawn Adjustments on Kaleidoscope

  • We’ve adjusted the jet spawns on the Kaleidoscope map to create safer flight path entries. Players can now expect a more strategic and secure approach when deploying jets, minimizing unwanted crashes or immediate threats upon spawn.

Scope Attachment Restrictions on Battlefield Portal

  • An issue that permitted Penguins to use scope attachments on certain weapons, such as the SWS-10, even when this functionality was disabled on Battlefield Portal servers, has been rectified. This ensures that the server rules are properly enforced, maintaining a fair and balanced playing field.

Scope Detail Fidelity on Xbox One and PlayStation®4

  • Previously, some scopes suffered from a low level of detail when inspected in third-person perspective on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 consoles. We’ve resolved this texturing issue, ensuring that all scopes now appear with the appropriate level of detail, providing a more immersive visual experience for players.

M5A3 Deep Blue King Weapon Cosmetic Fix

  • A texturing issue affecting the Deep Blue King weapon cosmetic for the M5A3 has been fixed. This correction ensures that the cosmetic now displays as intended, preserving the visual integrity and customization options for players who use this weapon skin.

Class Distribution Indicators

  • Class Distribution Indicators on the deployment screen, used when choosing a class, will now correctly display the number of individuals for each class. This improvement allows players to make more informed decisions during deployment, promoting better team composition and strategic planning.
  • These updates collectively aim to refine the player experience in Battlefield 2042, addressing both visual fidelity and gameplay mechanics. We remain committed to providing a balanced and immersive battlefield environment and appreciate the ongoing feedback from our community.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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