Bayern ahead of Real Madrid in the fight for a big deal

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: British press sources have reported that Bayern Munich has taken a giant step on all those who aspire to the defense rock of Chelsea, led by the giant Real Madrid, who are looking for a defender of world-class, to get rid of the headache of fragility and the serious lack of numbers at the center The center of defense, after having renounced the historic duo Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane last summer. According to the newspaper “The Sun”, the Bundesliga champion in the last decade is about to kidnap a major deal from Real Madrid, and referring to Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger, after exchanging emotional statements with Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann, in in the midst of a storm of voices, which bring in doubt its future is west of the capital of the mists. And the same newspaper quoted “Mirror”, that Chelsea’s negotiations with the German international business agent never go ahead, for reasons related to the distance between the two sides. in supply and demand, as the 28-year-old insists on increasing his weekly salary to around £ 400,000, while the club insists on paying £ 300,000 in the same currency, in order not to violate the maximum wage policy. And the report stated that if the European champion were forced to sell his German defender in the winter market, to avoid losing him for free after six months, Bayern Munich would be the most likely to sign with him, to welcome Rudiger and his openness to the whole idea, as he admitted in his interview with reporter Christian Volk: “I’m honored by Bayern Munich’s interest because it means I’ve done some right things recently,” he said. And this message was, in response to Nagelsmann’s courtship, which he stated in his recent appearance on media: “In principle, I’m not one of those people who talk about other players club, but if you talk about Rudiger as a football fan, it is clear that he has developed in unbelievable way, and it seems to me that Tuchel treated him very well, whereas before he was marginalized in bench “, adding:” Now he is one of the main pillars, he has a good fighting spirit, an excellent defender and a role model for a committed player “. And if this news is true, and Bayern Munich will manage to bring Rudiger back in Bundesliga through the “Allianz Arena”, both in the expected winter and after his contract with the Blues expires in the summer of 2022, will be a painful pain. shot at the royal club, in based on the Madrid news that linked his name to the Carlo Ancelotti project, an urgent need for the team of a defender with the same specifications in the Winter Market, after the defensive problems that appeared in the last two defeats at the hands of the Sherif of Moldova in Champions League and Espanyol in the eighth round of the Spanish league.

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