Bayern Munich’s Interest in Potential Real Madrid Coach: Insights Revealed

Bayern Munich Shows Interest in Prospective Real Madrid Coach

Press reports revealed that one of the coaches nominated to take over at Real Madrid after the end of the current season has entered the circle of interest of Bayern Munich.

Real Madrid is preparing to face Real Sociedad the day after tomorrow, Sunday, at 10 pm Cairo and Mecca time, as part of the matches of the fifth round of the Spanish Premier League.

Bayern Munich is Interested in the Prospective Real Madrid Coach

The German newspaper Bild reported that if Bayern Munich needs a new coach after Tuchel, Xabi Alonso will be the first candidate for this position, as the Bavarian club is very impressed with the capabilities of this coach.

The report added: Bayern officials sent Stanisic, the team’s player, on loan to Bayern Leverkusen because they have great confidence in Xabi Alonso, the team’s coach, and that he is capable of making a big change in the player’s career, developing him and making him a great player.

The report continued: Xavi’s presence as Bayern Munich’s technical director may only be a matter of time. Team officials have full confidence in him, his personality, and his ability to develop.

The report concluded: Bayern is not the only one interested in Xavi, as he could become technical director of one of his other former clubs, most notably Real Madrid.

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