Bayern threaten their rivals with the Barcelona trio and expect more on the continent e in home

Barcelona-Spain: after the heavy 0-3 defeat of his team against Bayern Munich host at the beginning of the matches of the two teams in Champions League, Dutch coach Ronaldo Koeman described the Bavarian giant as “the most likely candidate to crown the continental championship.” “When you win 3-0 here in the opening match of the group stage, it sends a very important message . we are very happy,” said Bayern player Thomas Muller. For the German team to get a well-deserved victory at the start of its campaign in Champions League, days after the landslide 4/1 victory over its host and direct national competitor, Leipzig in the German league (Bundesliga), to send a threatening message to its overseas competitors and in home. where to go in the competition race in Germany. And now we have put an exclamation point on the international stage with a great start against Barcelona. “1-1 draw with hosts Borussia Moenchengladbach in the match inaugural of the local competition. But now, with the players recovering from their commitment to the European Championship (Euro 2020) and training regularly with the new manager, things are improving even if there is still room for improvement. “We could have created more chances to score.” Nagelsmann said. We had very few good chances after having absolute control. “Nagelsmann added:” In the end, we controlled the game well and scored the third goal. The win is totally deserved, even by this margin. “Joshua Kimmich admitted that Bayern” made some minor mistakes due to lack of concentration “, but said:” The bottom line is that we can be satisfied. “Kimmich he explained: “The approach we are following is very good. He’s getting better in the game in match. I hope we can improve this performance. “All of his prime four games in the competition. Bayern will meet their host Bochum, who returned to the German league next Saturday, who claimed a 3-defeat win in the fifth stage of the competition.This match – and the German league as a whole – is likely to be an easier match for the Bayern compared to the Champions League. On the other hand, Barcelona, ​​which is suffering from the financial difficulties that caused the departure of its Argentine star Lionel Messi in summer, he is no longer in the elite now. And Chelsea (the champion in charge) and second-place Manchester City, could pose a greater threat to Bayern in the playoffs. However, Bayern are looking to secure a seventh continental title after their last title in Champions League in 2020. “If we continue to grow, we are among the favorites,” said Nagelsmann. We will try our best to be one of the club candidates “. (DPA)

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