Beautiful derby of time – city

The Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly derby is not just a football match, nor the three points that each team tries to win, but a journey of sporting competition, rooted in the depths of Saudi sport, to become one of the classics of Arab culture, football and territory. During the journey of the derby in history, the convictions were formed, and the hearts of millions of fans of the round witch were formed, with memories and positions immortal in the memory, and of the generations who have lived this derby since its early years, are they fans or players, and among the most prominent of these players is Waheed Jawhar, Issa Hamdan. .

Essence: The control was ours

Waheed Gohar, player of the club Al-Ahly, said: “I still remember the derby matches at the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal stadium on artificial turf before it was converted. in natural agriculture, where matches were held in the afternoon, and supremacy in was Ahly, so we were winning in the first and second round. “R. continued:” The derby moved from the Al-Sabban Stadium, then the derby moved to the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal stadium, and the victory is it was ours in the first game in field, with two clean goals “.

He added, Al-Ittihad couldn’t beat us until after several matches, and the result was 3-1, and it caused a mistake. in one of the three federal goals.

Hamdan: They called me “the Knight”

“I still remember the first match at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium,” said Issa Hamdan, a player from the club Al-Ittihad.

He continued, “I scored my first goal in Al-Ahly’s goal with a header against goalkeeper Ahmed Eid, who was the best goalkeeper in the Kingdom. in that moment”.

Hamdan describes that goal by saying, “When German football, Booker, played the ball and Ahmed Eid tried to stop the ball, but he hit the crossbar and I did it with a good following.” The knight. “

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