Because a Turkish minister has closed the door in face the opposition leader?

Despite being denied entry to the Ministry of Education, officially known as the Ministry of National Education, Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu continues to criticize abuses in appointing employees to the ministry who passed the entrance exam written, but did not get any work later after the intervention of officials.In determining the names of those who succeeded in the oral exams following the first exam, something Kılıçdaroğlu, who leads the Republican People’s Party, which is the main party of opposition in Turkey wanted to discuss with Mahmud Özer, Minister of Education, but questthe latter refused to receive him at his ministry.

A senior official from Kılıçdaroğlu’s party stressed that “there is no legal provision in the Turkish constitution that prevents the opposition leader from entering the headquarters of the Ministry of Education or in other ministries of the country “.

Confession of wrongdoing

In addition, Ali Shukr, a deputy in the Turkish parliament of the Republican People’s Party and a member of the Parliament’s Committee on Social Affairs, said: “The law does not recognize the impediment to the opposition leader from entering ministries and government offices, but rather it gives him the right to inspect these institutions on behalf of the citizens as the head of the country’s second largest party. ” village”.

He also added to “Al”that” not allowing Kilicdaroglu to enter the headquarters of the Ministry of Education is an admission by the minister of having committed abuses that the opposition leader had already mentioned in a press conference after he was barred from entering the ministry last Thursday. “

Ali thank you
Ali thank you

appointment of confidants

He also revealed that “Kılıçdaroğlu decided to visit the minister against the background of his transgressions which led to the loss of the rights of some successful candidates in the admissions competitions conducted by his ministry, in how much he did not name them in followed in the works they applied despite their success in the oral entrance exam. “

He stressed that “the current presidential system entered in force in the summer of 2018, after the abolition of the parliamentary system of government in the country, implements individual instructions in various state institutions and ministries. “By a man, he means Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who abolished the parliamentary system of government in Turkey after holding a controversial referendum on it in April 2017.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

While seeing that “the closure of the doors of the Ministry of Education in front of the opposition leader, was based on the indications of the one-man, and this means that the doors of the government are also closed to the people, especially since Kılıçdaroğlu represents millions of them through his political party. “

Kılıçdaroğlu accuses the Turkish Minister of “National Education” of interfering in the oral admission exams, in so that those close to him are assigned some government posts, which the minister denied, but the opposition party says that his refusal to receive the Opposition leader at the office of the ministry already signals the existence of abuses committed by him The minister in office of appointment of employees of institutions affiliated with his ministry.

Close the door in face the opposition leader

In addition, the official of the Republican People’s Party has ruled out the use of the judiciary to punish the minister for not having received him, in how “not independent”, as he stated, underlining that “the opposition leader did not go beyond the official protocols when he decided to visit the Minister of Education, he can do so even without an appointment by law”.

Kılıçdaroğlu, president of the Republican People's Party
Kılıçdaroğlu, president of the Republican People’s Party

Interestingly, the Minister of National Education had closed the doors of his ministry to the opposition leader and his accompanying delegation, so Kılıçdaroğlu held a press conference in front of his ministry headquarters, again accusing him of appointing people to he close to the ministry, which was later denied by the minister.

Following the crisis, the Turkish minister said in a statement that “the doors of our ministry are open to all, but we cannot meet those who deceive public opinion”.

The famous opponent usually accuses officials of the government led by the ruling party “Justice and Development” of abuse of power in alliance with the right-wing “Movimento Nazionale” party. He also pledges to hold them accountable if his party manages to seize power in the next presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for June 2023.

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