Because of Afghanistan, a war of insults and grudges rages between Biden and Johnson

The furious war of words between United States and United Kingdom As for the chaotic withdrawal of Taliban-controlled forces from Afghanistan, a British government minister called the American president insane, while Joe Biden ignored the British Prime Minister’s appeals and appeals.

The dispute between the two sides puts in dangerous light faults in the special relationship between the two countries, in one moment in which growing threats to China and extremism mean that international cooperation is more important than ever, according to the US site “Insider”.

Because of Afghanistan, a war of insults and grudges rages between Biden and Johnson

Johnson and Biden

According to the report, the so-called “briefing wars”, in officials peck at each other via press comments, often anonymous between London and Washington, may have been inevitable given the scale of the chaos in Afghanistan after Biden announced in April that he was withdrawing his troops, the rest of the country.

While Boris Johnson’s government initially approved the decision, there was anger and exasperation towards Biden following the chaotic scenes in Kabul, as the two countries rushed to evacuate citizens and allies after the Taliban swiftly took over the country. .

British forces at Kabul airport

British forces at Kabul airport

There has been renewed anger in London after Biden last week ignored UK requests to extend the deadline for evacuating people from Kabul airport, meaning many of the people the UK had planned to evacuate were left there.

An unnamed British government minister called Biden “crazy” and other phrases in comments to The Mail last Sunday, which arrived at the White House after being republished in the Washington Post.

According to the Sunday Times, Johnson began referring to Biden as “Sleeping Joe” in a revival of former President Donald Trump’s favorite nickname – he even considered Biden “light” and even said working with Trump would be better than Biden.

Washington quickly responded and Pentagon sources told Politico that British officials had pushed the United States to keep a gate open at Kabul airport, which was subsequently attacked to death, an allegation vehemently denied by the foreign minister. British Dominic Raab.

Biden, known for holding a grudge, has long been wary of Johnson, calling the prime minister a “mini Trump” until last year. Indeed, reports of Biden’s grudges resurfaced this week in the wake of the exchange of insults.

Transatlantic relations may seem like it in decline and Biden also appears to have damaged the US position within NATO. Lord Robertson, who was NATO Secretary General when its members entered in Afghanistan in 2001 called Thursday’s withdrawal “a hasty surrender to the people we fought and defeated 20 years ago.”

“NATO and the West, whatever we like to think, have been weakened, this wonderful solidarity has been damaged 20 years ago and the great United States of America has been humiliated,” he added.

According to the report, it is quite clear that the UK government would rather work with Biden and his commitment to multilateral institutions like NATO and the United Nations than work with Trump, even after Johnson’s comments last week. which “would be better via with Trump “.

This transatlantic relationship has also gone through in gone through many ups and downs and has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to resist the personal hatred of its leaders.

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