Because of Corona … worsening die French psyche and die Government is moving

In connection with the spread of the new corona virus, die the mental health of the French deteriorated significantly, and the percentage of those die turning to psychiatrists and counselors has increased.

It doubled within four months, between October 2020 and January 2021 die Search for a psychologist on the online appointment booking platform Doctolib, die Activity of counseling psychologists increased by 27% and die the psychiatrist by 10%.

Disturbed mental health

Most of them also found that the reason for the increase in their work pressure in the last few months die Demanding new patients in Clinics is to receive consultations regarding their mental health, die due to the die Pandemic caused extraordinary circumstances in Difficulties encountered.

Those numbers are for Marvan Touma, a psychiatrist and House volunteer of Souls “in the 20th arrondissement in Paris, not surprising. There he assured Al “Long term will die Mental health deterioration is significantly advanced and many symptoms such as depression occur. In France we are seeing a significant increase in the consumption of anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs, and this is very clear. People have started to rely on them as a source of energy. For my part, I have seen a 30% increase in consultations and I think that is the same for my colleagues. “

Alarming numbers

Marfan Touma has joined the list of psychiatrists die Treating mental illnesses related to the Corona crisis since the virus a year ago in France appeared and spread. From his experience he sees that die French mental health has become worrying and warns of high pressure and tension.

Although the state in his attention lately die Implemented measures, die die Limiting the spread of the virus, he has not forgotten the psychological pressure it may cause, which is why the Ministry of Health has allocated a special section on its website to provide guidance on psychological support.

Special training

In return, Prime Minister Jean Castex resigned die Develop an action plan on this sensitive issue in order to die evaluate existing mechanisms and consider what needs to be strengthened. This was confirmed a few days ago by President Macron when he admitted that France needs a mental health strategy.

Health Minister Olivier Ferrand is also promoting specific training in mental health first aid in Companies and universities. However, a health ministry advisor warns that “this psychological pressure can affect everyone, not just those with the most severe.” psychological effects. “

It is noteworthy that France ranks fourth after America, Brazil and India with the number of deaths from Covid 19, die 96,847 reached, and injuries, die Exceeded 4833263, according to today’s latest Reuters count.

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