Because of his conversation with two female students… Houthi militia blocks a journalist from entering the University of Sana’a

The Houthi terrorist militia forced a Yemeni journalist to write a pledge not to enter Sana’a University, over his conversation with two female students, after he participated as a guest in discussing degree plans for a number of students and students at the Faculty of Mass Communication.

Journalist Nabil Ali Al-Sharabi said in a post on his Facebook page that he entered the University of Sana’a, yesterday, Saturday, as a guest to participate in a discussion on graduation projects for all students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, and left with the commitment to not go back to university permanently.

He added: “I was near the front gate outside with two students my daughter’s age. If I had daughters discussing their projects, we would talk in polite, calm voices about how journalism works and if I can help them get their materials published. ”

He explained that a Houthi gunman named “Abu Ali” came in civilian clothes on a motorcycle and asked for their papers and the relationship between them.

Al-Sharabi said he was asked to report to the university entrance office and, after an argument, they forced him to write a promise to leave and never return to the university.

She asked, “Is there any sane person who can explain this behavior… What do morals and the moral police mean, and what is their mission? Is it to talk to a girl your daughter’s age, in a public place and in front of people, a shameful act?”

He added: “The biggest flaw is the defiance of people’s morals … and the biggest flaw is when it comes to the objection of two or more people as they walk in a public corridor and in front of the people under the guise of virtue and morals, because we know all about moral checks.”

The coup-producing Houthi militia previously prevented female students of the University of Sana’a’s Faculty of Mass Communication from sitting in the college courtyard. under the pretext of fighting promiscuity.

The Houthi militia continues to launch campaigns to prosecute male and female students. Under the guise of protecting morals and preserving what they call a “faith identity”. He has also assaulted many students because of their conversations with their classmates and has canceled concerts and singing at weddings, as part of his efforts to forcibly impose the experience of terrorist organizations on the Yemeni people.

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