Because of immigration … Harris will in nervous in the air and angry at a journalist

While die Immigrant question remains unsolved despite the solutions, Vice President Kamala Harris was apparently unable to escape the increasing pressure to die Visit the southern border amid a historic boom in illegal immigrants.

In an interview with Univision, Harris reacted nervously after being asked by broadcaster Elia Calderon, “When will you die Visit the border? “

Harris gets angry

Yesterday, Thursday, the Vice President said, “I said I would go to the border.” The announcer interrupted her again: “When are you going to the border?”

Harris later replies with an uncomfortable laugh, “I’m not done yet,” lifts a finger on the anchor and adds, “I said I would go to the limit.”

Then she added: “I said earlier that we need to look at the causes and problems, die die People die Pushing boundaries if we want to solve problems at the borders. “

She also said, “My first trip to Guatemala as Vice President of the United States was to be there and to deal with the root causes die Departure of the people in To deal with Guatemala. “

But that was die Discussion not yet ended, because the announcer asked again: “Do you have a specific date for your journey to the border?” “I’ll keep you posted,” Harris replied.

The Vice President, die Visited Guatemala and Mexico this week as part of her first overseas visit to the Office, was accompanied throughout her trip with questions about personal observation of the situation at the US-Mexico border.

Shortly after her return to Washington, she was criticized by Republicans for die accused her die Not taking the immigration crisis seriously enough.

But not only die Republican Party criticized them, but also die left movement in their Democratic Party.

Because of immigration … Harris will in nervous in the air and angry at a journalist

Kamala Harris on a visit in Mexico (Reuters)

‘missed opportunity’

Republican Senator John Cornyn told AFP on Wednesday in the corridors of the Congress, die Travel is a “missed opportunity”.

It is noteworthy that Harris, die Commissioned by President Biden last March to deal with this delicate file, has not yet presented any significant action during its tour.

You and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador signed a protocol of agreement aimed at “die Fighting causes of migration “and helping the population” hope in to find their country “.

But at every stop he stopped die same question: why is the vice president not on yet die Gone to the southern border to see the consequences of the crisis, die die Relentlessly denounce Republicans, according to American media.

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