Because of Tesla, a multimillion-dollar media campaign against Musk

Controversial American billionaire Elon Musk appears to be in trouble: While he’s busy tidying up his Twitter house, a reckless campaign is launched against his self-driving program for Tesla.

The CEO of the largest technology company in the United States, Dan O’Dowd, has launched the title (Dawn project) Largest media campaign against Musk, due to “fully autonomous driving” in vehicles program, which is slated to launch globally late next month.

O’Dowd has launched a nationwide television advertising campaign using video clips, spending millions of dollars to purchase Tesla vehicles and test the technology he considers very dangerous.

‘Danger to people’

The Green Hills CEO explained that the self-driving program was a lethal experiment imposed on the general public, a view confirmed by a recent class action and Department of Justice investigation, according to the Washington Post.

Furthermore, Odowd’s strategy is based on the research of prove that the software Tesla is making serious mistakes.

It launched its campaign last January, with a full-page ad in the New York Times claiming that the program makes a mistake every 8 minutes, based on an analysis of dozens of hours of YouTube footage.

The announcement also called on regulators to ban fully autonomous driving on US roads.

Million dollar ads

In parallel, he campaigned in the Senate, something he said was in he starts motivated by the fact that electoral propaganda laws would make it easier for him to get his message across if he technically ran for public office.

Millions of dollars have been spent on advertisements shown on television channels across the country.

On the other hand, the researches, i test and the introductions of the man on social mediasparked personal attacks on him and criticism from hordes of Musk supporters.

For his part, Tesla sent him a letter asking him to stop and stop his campaign, especially after offering a test of the Tesla vehicle and its inability to avoid and collide with children’s models. And this week, O’Dowd said a new ad he tried to post on Twitter was turned down.

Tesla has passed

Despite its high-profile campaign and the concern of some regulators and politicians, Tesla is pursuing what it claims is world-changing technology.

The company and its supporters say their approach will help usher in a future in which death by human error on the streets will be eradicated.

At the end of last September, in a four hour event in where Tesla unveiled its latest artificial intelligence technology, Musk said fully autonomous driving actually saves lives, it would be “morally wrong” to keep it off public roads.

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