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Because of the incident on the Black Sea, Russia calls in the British ambassador


On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it had called in the British ambassador for the Black Sea incident when Moscow confirmed that yesterday, Wednesday, it had fired warning shots against a British destroyer it accused of in its territorial waters off the coast of Crimea, while London die Matter denied.

This happened a few days before the start of the military exercises “Sea Breeze 2021”, die from June 28th to July 10th with the participation of the USA, other NATO countries and Ukraine in the Black Sea.

The British destroyer “HMS Defender” is according to Moscow in die Russian territorial waters invaded off the Crimea and has “received a warning that weapons will be used if die Russian borders are violated “.

The Russian Defense Ministry also reported that the ship was “not on die Warning responded “so that a border patrol boat fired warning shots” while die Su-24M carried out a “precautionary bombardment along the path of the destroyer”.

From the Black Sea – AFP

dangerous behavior

Moscow said the British ship then left Russian waters at the end of the accident, which lasted more than twenty minutes on Wednesday lunchtime, denouncing the “dangerous behavior” of the destroyer crew and urging London to open an “in-depth investigation”. in the accident.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense evaluated in declaring the incident a “blatant violation of die United Nations Convention “and called on London to conduct” a thorough investigation “into the” dangerous behavior “of the destroyer crew.

On the other hand denied die British authorities confirmed the incident and the Department of Defense that “no warning shots were on die HMS Defender were directed “and that”die Announcement about the launch of bombs in their sailing line “is wrong.

“The Royal Navy ship did in Easy passage in accordance with international law in made the Ukrainian territorial waters, “said the ministry on Twitter, adding:” We believe that die Russians have carried out target practice in the Black Sea. “

Russian concern

Hours before the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that his country was “concerned about.” die Strengthening their capabilities and infrastructure of NATO in close to the Russian borders “.

It is noteworthy that accidents between planes or ships on the borders of Russia are not uncommon, in particular in a time of tension with the west but warning shots will set a precedent if proven.

Most accidents happen in the Baltic Sea or the Adriatic Sea, incidents are rarely recorded in the Russian Far East, where Moscow announced on Wednesday the interception of an American spy plane over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

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