Because of the recent violations … an Israeli plan to deter Iran

In recent times and amid international condemnation, the pace of Iranian violations has increased in the region increased, including die Support the Houthi militia campaign in Marib and attempts to attack Saudi Arabia with drones.

Simultaneously with these developments, information suggested that because of their accuracy and low cost, Israel could use laser-based air defenses to counter Iranian missiles, according to a report by American National Interest Magazine.

An alternative to the dome system

The report added on Saturday that die Escalation of the Iranian campaign against die Allies and interests of the United States in the region, including military support for the Houthis and drone strikes against Saudi Arabia, in Israel growing concern about die Possibility of an impending conflict with Iran die Highlighted the main pillar of Israeli defense deterrence. Against him, in particular his air defense systems, it was found that operational and logistical deficiencies in the IDF missile shield, die are technically impressive and expensive, die Israeli military officials have revived ‘interest in laser technology.

He stated that contrary to popular belief, the concept of energy-based weapons is neither new nor futuristic and that die Israelis would have been evaluating a similar project since 2000, when a laser-based missile defense system was proposed as an alternative to the iron dome system.

He noted that the Iron Dome system ultimately won after the Department of Defense concluded that die Laser technology has not yet matured into an inexpensive and operationally sound investment, pointing out that Israeli defense company Rafael die Research and development work has resumed on a missile defense prototype: With lasers, they presented an early concept prototype called Iron Beam at the Singapore Air Show 2014 in 2009.

Calculate price and costs

Additionally, the report stated that when calculating the price of each Iron Dome intercept cost about $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 per missile, while each iron beam intercept was only about $ 2,000, indicating that the interception and die low maintenance cost of the iron beam system makes it easy the Israeli military has used more of them at one point, what die Making overcoming Israeli missile defense more difficult.

He pointed out that die Range of the iron beam is very limited and the current missile defense system in Israel cannot replace, but it could be the backbone of the Israeli army’s ability to destroy short-range missiles in general.

It is noteworthy that die Arab and international criticism in has recently been flooded due to repeated attempts by the Houthi militia to attack Saudi Arabia as it is a clear violation of international law.

While die militia supported by Tehran in tried the last few days to escalate their attacks, caused them due to the losses, die them in the face of the army in a number of Yemeni regions are suffering losses.

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