Beckham commends legacy plans on the way to hosting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Doha: Former English football star David Beckham praised the Supreme Committee’s important role for handover and legacy, in implementing valuable legacy programs on the way to hosting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the end of questyear, which aims to leave the tournament a sustainable social and humanitarian legacy that contributes to improving the lives of individuals and betterment with communities. Beckham, the former captain of the English national team, was recently a special guest of the Qatar Community League World Cup semifinals, a tournament that was established in 2016 by the Supreme Committee, the body responsible for carrying out the projects of the 2022 World Cup, to his interest in consolidating football culture among individuals of different ages. This league is one of the pioneering initiatives that attract Qatari residents and encourage them to play football. The English football legend, who has participated in three World Cups and in they scored goals, underlined the importance of the historic tournament and its role in bringing about change in better at the level of individuals and countries. He said: “The World Cup is the most important event in the global sporting landscape and there is no tournament comparable to it in terms of importance, taking into account its role in changing the lives of people and countries, especially as regards the legacy programs which constitute tangible proof of their positive impact ”. In the statements published on the site web of the Organizing Committee of the 2022 World Cup, Beckham referred to the tireless efforts of the Supreme Committee to propose programs and initiatives related to sustainable heritage in the period leading up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He added: “The Supreme Committee has launched many pioneering initiatives and programs even before the start of the 2022 World Cup, clear evidence of its tireless efforts, which are part of the goals of hosting the World Cup, including improving the level of football and expanding his practical base, as well as building a sustainable legacy, which is most important, because it has a significant impact on the benefit of individuals and societies. On his take on the Qatar Community Football League, Beckham, who had a successful career, during which he won the Scudetto with Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain, he said that the championship brings back to his memory the games in which he participated in the “Sunday League”, dedicated to the amateur football in England. He added: “Qatar Community Football League matches have been held since 2019 at the training grounds located near the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, one of eight stadiums hosting the 2022 World Cup, and the number of teams participating in the championship has increased up to to 86 in the past six years. The championship includes four divisions, in addition to the men’s and women’s championship. Beckham, one of the owners of Inter Miami, who competes in the American League, indicated that playing in the Sunday League was one of the highlights of his football career for him. He added: “I enjoyed playing in the Sunday League and I have a lot of friends who still play it until now and they keep trying to get me to play again, but that’s not going to happen.” He added: “The Sunday League helps bring individuals and society together under the umbrella of football and also provides a platform for forming friendships among the participants. And we find in the Hackney Marshes area of ​​London, where the championship is held, that players take participation seriously, and play with interest and concentration, as if it were an English Premier League match. ” like about the Qatar Community Football League is that the participants also play in in this way, they have a sporting spirit and adhere to the rules of fair play during games, and they continue in this approach, which constitutes a wonderful model worthy of appreciation. “Beckham said fans around the world are on a rendezvous with a historic event through which they learn the passion of the people of Qatar and the region for football, when the country will host the twenty-second edition of the tournament, which will be held for the first time in Middle East and the Arab world from 21 November to 18 January next December. He added: “Qatar has a long history and football is very popular with the population, and this will be evident when the tournament starts at the end of the year. Fans around the world will realize that football culture has existed for a long time. a long time in the country. Furthermore, the tournament will leave a rich legacy that will remain a testament to the importance of this global event and how football can be harnessed to be an effective tool in the advancement of societies. ” Beckham stressed that hosting this prestigious tournament constitutes a golden opportunity to inspire the next generation, indicating the legacy phase following the close of the 2022 World Cup competitions. He added: “The opportunity to host a huge tournament of this size is outstanding achievement in itself, but more important than that. What happens after the tournament ends and the sustainable legacy that will have a valuable impact on people and improve their lives. “He explained:” When people ask me what benefits countries derive from hosting the World Cup, it is not I know what they are and I tell them that this celebration of football is a source of inspiration for generations future on the importance of working hard and making your dreams come true and on the role of football in positive change. It is wonderful to host the World Cup, but most important of all is the legacy that remains after the curtain falls on competition in benefiting from its legacy facilities and programs and in harnessing the power of football to improve the lives of clubs. people and the prosperity of societies “. (Dpa)