before returning the goods online… attention there are some expenses that you will have to bear!

Data from the National Retail Federation in the US showed that customers are expected to return approximately 16.5% of total merchandise purchased questyear, for a total of 816 billion dollars.

And if before you bought more than one garment in different sizes to try on at home and then returned the one that didn’t fit you, now you could start to pay attention before filling the shopping cart online.

Many sellers have started eliminating the free return option and now returns online they can cost around $7 from stores like Zara, H&M, and others. With the high cost of fuel, shipping, and labor, the retailer costs 15 to 30 cents on the dollar in returned goods.

Specifically, the return rates online they dropped from 21% in 2021 to 16.5% in 2022, reaching $212 billion.

The report also indicates that returning purchases via fraud—that is, returning them after they’ve been used—presents another challenge for retailers: For every $100 in merchandise returned, retailers lose $10 per fraudulent return.

According to the report, in terms of holiday sales in the United States, retailers can expect to return a media of 18% of merchandise, which equates to approximately $171 billion due to increased sales volume during this time of year.

While retailers complain about high return rates, most consumers argue that the fault came from the seller and that they must take responsibility.

According to “e commerce statics”, 80% of returned goods were purchased onlinethe reason is that they have arrivedin bad condition or broken, and 64% of the goods are returned because they do not conform to the specifications that have been attached to the product, while only 37% of the goods are returned because the consumer is not exclamatory.

This step may be necessary to reduce expenses for retail businesses, but it risks decreasing sales online if the consumer prefers to buy with the possibility of changing his mind in tracked and free.

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