Beginning of a red week for world titles .. the Saudi index consolidates above 11,328 points

The main Saudi stock index closed today, in fall of 0.61%, losing 69.51 points, and closing at 11328.33 points, with transactions for 6.3 billion riyals.

Abdullah Al-Hamid, Head of Advisory from GIB Capital, spoke of the emergence of intertwined fears putting pressure on global financial markets, indicating in an interview with Al-Arabiya that one of the concerns is high inflation rates, supported by rising energy consumption prices, in some of the major economies.

He underlined concerns about growth sustainability prospects reinforced by central bank monetary policy packages, while continuing the impact of changes in the Corona pandemic.

The number of shares traded More than 180 million shares have been shared by more than 290,000 transactionsIn which the shares of 21 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 174 companies closed.

Shares of international companies Textile, Kingdom, Bawan, Khareef and Sipchem recorded the highest gains, while shares of basic chemical industries, Mecca, Al-Sagr Insurance, Ataa and Al-Yamamah Cement, were the lowest in trade. , as the rates of increase and decrease varied between 6.07% and 5.05%.

Shares of Dar Al-Arkan, Emaar, Saudi Kayan, Alinma and Sipchem International were the most active in quantity and shares of the companies Naseej, Al-Rajhi, SABIC, Dar Al-Arkan and Emaar were the most active in value.

The Saudi Parallel Stock Index (Nomu) closed today, in An increase of 13.06 points to close at 24,870.23 points, with transactions worth 62 million riyals, and the number of shares traded reached more than 500,000 shares, shared by 2,137 transactions.

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