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Beijing decides to tighten entry restrictions for travelers to fight the Corona epidemic

The Chinese capital, Beijing, has decided to tighten entry restrictions for travelers, in a bid to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Beijing recorded two deaths on Nov. 20, as the city’s most populous district urged people to stay at home on Monday as COVID-19 infections soared.

And the Chinese yuan recorded 7.1451 to the dollar in domestic trade, and fell to 7.1708, which is the weakest level since November 11th.

A steady increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths in China over the weekend, compared to tightening restrictions in cities with severe outbreaks, dampened hopes that the world’s second-largest economy would soon open up.

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In a related context; China has locked down a major transportation hub in the south as it grapples with the country’s biggest COVID-19 outbreak since April.

The lockdown also follows a spike in cases in Beijing, which has recorded the country’s first deaths in almost six months.

In recent days, China had just begun to ease draconian restrictions to counter the spread of the coronavirus, which has been paralyzing domestic and international businesses for months. But experts fear Beijing’s resolve to reopen the country may now weaken as cases rise again.

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Asian markets and oil prices fell on Monday as investors worry about the possibility of China tightening Covid rules again.

Guangzhou, one of China’s largest cities with a population of nearly 19 million, has imposed a five-day lockdown in Baiyun district, home to one of the busiest airports in the country.

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