Beijing is testing high-speed submarine communications in the South China Sea

Chinese scientists have created an undersea communications system to be used by Chinese submarines in the South China Sea.

They tested a system that would allow them to maintain a stable signal over an area of ​​30,000 square kilometers.

On Saturday, September 17, reports the South China Morning Post. The newspaper reported that the devices, invented by Chinese engineers, were able to pick up incoming sound signals from a distance of 105 kilometers at a depth of 200 meters, during tests carried out in an important area through which Chinese submarines pass.

The information transfer rate was about 200 bits per second. The newspaper pointed out that this speed was suitable for the ability to transmit low-frequency radio signals sent by the Chinese Navy to their nuclear submarines using huge ground antennas. According to scientists, the encoded signals did not contain any errors, despite the influence of noise.

The newspaper recalled that voice communication with such speed and quality is usually limited to a distance of only 10 kilometers.

It is reported that low-frequency sounds, such as the sounds of whales, can travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers in the ocean. But it is very difficult to define and decipher it.

Lu Sundzu, a professor at Harbin University of Engineering and lead researcher on the project, said the results of the South China Sea experiment confirmed the effectiveness and good performance of the new technology to increase the range of military underwater communications.

Source: TASS